Inside Crown

Company Overview

Crown Capital is a specialty finance company focused on providing capital to middle-market companies.

We originate, structure and provide tailored financing solutions with minimal or no ownership dilution. These solutions allow our business owners to retain the vast majority of the economic rewards associated with their business, while providing us with stable and predictable cash flows.

Our tailored, innovative financing solutions include subordinated term and bridge loans, perpetual debt, income streaming and royalties. Our investee firms – diverse both by sector and by geography – are successful private and public enterprises that generate cash flow and have experienced leadership teams.

Our tailored solutions offer:

  • Access to capital with minimal or no ownership dilution: Business owners gain access to capital without having to accept ownership dilution.
  • Path to partial liquidity and/or access to growth capital: Business owners can use the injection of capital from Crown to withdraw needed capital from the business and/or to execute on growth objectives while maintaining the ownership structure.
  • Retention of operating control: Business owners retain operating control and can continue to grow their businesses independently.
  • Continued participation in business growth: Business owners continue to be directly aligned with their business through their continued role in the ownership structure.
  • Tax-efficient solutions: Financial returns paid to Crown are generally structured to be tax-deductible, so as to reduce income taxes.