Inside Crown

How We Work

Crown originates, structures, and underwrites its transactions. Our approach is guided by these core principles and philosophies:

  • Favourable macroeconomic environment: We focus on industry sectors with favourable economic conditions and robust growth prospects.
  • Strong operating track record and stability of cash flow: We look for a successful operating history and a track record of positive cash flow. We also consider factors such as market share, customer concentration, volatility of historical performance and ability to sustain cash flow and margins over the longer term.
  • Owner/management track record: Our due diligence process is designed to confirm that funding is provided only to high quality businesses with experienced management teams and an extensive track record of operational success.
  • Tailored financing solutions: Financing solutions are tailored to client need, providing flexibility as well as the potential for clients to participate in future profits.
  • Cash flow-based, secured lending: Unlike asset-based lenders whose lending decisions are based on the net realizable value of assets, Crown’s solutions are based on the maintenance of cash flows and enterprise value.
  • Limited and manageable leverage: We consider the debt-servicing track record and look to ensure that projected cash flows provide sufficient coverage for payments that will become due.
  • Diversification by industry and geography: Crown diversifies its portfolio with regard to both business segment and geography.