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Genalta Power Inc

Genalta Power Inc

Who: Genalta Power Inc
Amount: $20.0 Million
Type of Transaction: Growth Financing
Date: December 2012

Case Study

High-growth power producer expedites construction and earns earlier payoff

A $20 MM loan enabled this clean power producer to advance the construction of new power stations, leading to early loan payoff.

  • Canadian based clean electricity generation company leading the way in waste energy to power applications
  • Headquartered in Calgary and privately owned

Situation Overview

  • Medium term debt capital requirement to execute construction of several power facilities
  • As a high growth, privately owned company Genalta Power was sensitive to ownership dilution


  • $20 MM, 48 month, subordinated term loan issued in December 2012
  • 10% interest rate
  • Crown was issued share purchase warrants


  • Genalta used the funds to advance their projects, leading to early repayment of the loan