Delivering on our return objectives, over 15 years, one carefully constructed deal at a time.

At Crown, we help successful firms thrive and prosper without diluting capital or resigning control. We’ve managed capital for a number of the top global investment firms in the world, and we’ve successfully deployed $350+ million in private debt transactions through multiple economic cycles. Find out more in our presentation.

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Case Studies

$22.5 Million
Acquisition Financing
December 2014

Crown and owners enjoy a 450% share increase

$22.5MM subordinate loan enabled transformative US$58.6 MM acquisition.

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$10.0 Million
Growth Financing
December 2013

High growth leads to early loan payoff

Canada’s 4th-largest brokerage avoids third-party equity, pays off loan ahead of time, by exceeding growth targets.

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$25.0 Million
Growth Financing
April 2013

Undervalued gold producer avoids ownership dilution

Subordinated term loan allows this top-performer to expand and refinance, without resorting to expensive equity dilution.

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$20.0 Million
Growth Financing
December 2012

High-growth power producer expedites construction and earns earlier payoff

A $20 MM loan enabled this clean power producer to advance the construction of new power stations, leading to early loan payoff.

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