Innovative Financing Solutions


Enabling Entrepreneurs to exceed their Business Ambitions

Crown originates, structures and provides tailored financing solutions to a diversified group of private and public mid-market companies with minimal or no ownership dilution.

Building the Power Grid of the Future

With an aging infrastructure, growing energy consumption, and more disruptive weather events, centralized power distribution systems are no longer meeting the reliability and cost effective needs of consumers.  In order to meet North America’s future power consumption requirements, Crown is developing a diversified portfolio of distributed energy platforms, built around the concept of providing electricity where it is needed.

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Providing Connectivity to the Underserved

Broadband connectivity is an essential service and yet many communities remain underserved.  Crown is developing state of the art networks, providing reliable and secure high-speed services to underserved communities.

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All-Weather Performing Funds

Founded in 2000, Crown Capital Partners has been providing growth capital to established mid-market businesses. Over this period, Crown has achieved a cumulative gross IRR of 14%+ investing across numerous economic cycles. Crown’s Corporate, Distributed Power and Broadband Networking platforms each provide investors with diversified and reliable income streams not correlated to the public markets.

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