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Providing Connectivity to the Underserved

Canada’s telecommunications industry is dominated by national carriers that are focused on investing in markets with high population densities.  As a result most rural and remote communities do not have infrastructure that provides fast, future-ready broadband services that residents need; and they can’t provide the advanced support that business and industry require. Today’s economy and changing workforce requires access to high-speed broadband networks.

Through its Telecom business, Crown and its operating partners develop networks that are critical to the delivery of broadband services in niche markets under long-term contracts to municipal, commercial and residential end users.


Zayo Group, LLC.

Project Name: Toronto Pearson Airport
Project Type: Hybrid Solution with Microwave Last Mile
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Project Date: Since 2017

The Toronto Pearson Airport project is a hybrid solution (Fibre & Wireless) providing a 100 Mbps diversity circuit of symmetrical microwave connectivity to Pearson Airport.

This project provides the end customer, which supports Canada’s busiest airport, the reassurance that if their primary circuit is disconnected they have a secure and reliable back up in place.

FirstTel Communications Corporation

Project Name: Wiikwemkoong First Nations
Project Type: Wireless Broadband Network Build and Management
Location: Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Project Date: Since 2017

The Wiikwemkoong First Nations project provides broadband connectivity, including internet and IPTV services, to 120 customers within the Wiikwemkoong First Nations community. This project enabled FirstTel to provide service to its community members that previously had limited to poor connectivity, if any.

Teleco Supply Co. Ltd.

Project Name: Platinum Mine
Project Type: Microwave Last Mile
Location: Northern Ontario, Ontario
Project Date: Since 2017

The Platinum Mine project provides 400 Mbps of symmetrical microwave connectivity to a platinum/palladium mine in Northern Ontario. These services provide essential communication channels necessary to efficiently and properly manage mining operations in a remote location.

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