Project Description


WireIE provides high quality, reliable, secure and scalable networks in underserved markets. When existing solutions are inadequate because they are too slow, too expensive, unreliable or offer high latency, it can impact productivity and output, inhibiting the growth of entire communities.

WireIE provides solutions to overcome constraints around geography, time and budget, which traditional networks can’t address. Their commitment to making a difference goes beyond technology. In fact, they believe in the power of connection to equip businesses and communities with the necessary tools for creating a better future. At WireIE, their activities reflect a commitment to make a positive impact by creating channels for voices that have been traditionally excluded from the digital economy.

Everyday, they are driven by a vision to empower all underserved markets with the same services available in metropolitan areas.


Investee Company Founding Date (year): 2007

Investee Company Partnering Date with Crown (year): May 2018

Amount of Capital Investment:  $10.0 Million

Category of Financing Solution Given: Long Term Loan

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