Project Description

About  CCI Wireless

CCI specializes in providing customized connectivity solutions for First Nations and urban and rural enterprise clients across Western Canada. CCI was founded in 2007 by nine Alberta natural gas co-ops that were receiving insufficient internet service from incumbent providers. CCI maintains a carrier-grade network that covers more than 250,000 square KM with over 23,000 clients.

The demand for fixed internet across Canada has been growing as consumers and enterprises increasingly rely on internet connectivity and consume greater amounts of data. The new minimum service standards recently defined by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission authority results in greater than 60% of the rural population of Canada falling below the minimum internet speed requirements. CCI operates in Canada’s four western provinces that combine to represent a target market of $4.6 billion annually comprised of residential and enterprise fixed internet customers.

CCI Wireless

Amount:  $5.5 Million

Type:  Secured Term Loan

Purpose:  Growth Financing

Head Office:  Calgary, Alberta

Ownership:  Private

Date:  2007

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