Project Description

About Genalta

As an innovative waste energy to power producer, Genalta Power Inc. develops and operates a portfolio of distributed power plants that deliver reliable, efficient and cost-effective power behind the fence and to the grid throughout Alberta. The facilities are designed and operated to maximize efficiency and produce electricity at capacities from 2-30 MW. Genalta Power is proudly, a clean power generation company leading the way in waste energy to power applications. As a client oriented solutions provider the company is able to capture waste energy from sources such as waste heat, pressure and gas and create cost-effective and environmentally responsible electricity. The flexible business model provides joint venture partnerships, operating cost reduction and revenue sharing opportunities from waste energy sources. Conversion of waste energy to power represents a proven option to reduce operating costs & increase revenue.

Genalta Power

Amount:  $20.0 Million

Type:  Secured Term Loan

Purpose:  Growth Financing

Head Office:  Calgary, Alberta

Ownership:  Private

Date: December 2012

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