Project Description

About Mill Street & Co.

Mill Street & Co. is a diversified North American management company. Through a united culture, Mill Street is committed to the creation of real value for all its stakeholders.

Since their start in 2013, their success is measured by their ability to make a positive impact on the lives of employees, customers, investors and the communities in which they operate.

Everything they do, including strategies around the the allocation of capital and deployment of resources is analyzed through the lens of how much real value a particular initiative will create.

It’s an approach to business management that they are proud to stand behind. An approach that they call SMART Capital® – creating real value through the intelligent allocation of capital.

Mill Street & Co.

Amount:  $10.0 Million

Type:  Long Term Loan

Purpose:  Growth Financing

Head Office:  Toronto, Ontario 

Ownership:  Private

Date:  May 2018

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