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About PenEquity

Since 1984, PenEquity Realty Corporation has approached real estate services and management for its varied client base with a different mind set. Never one to follow the crowd, the company has devoted the past 25 years to sourcing out new opportunities and redefining the Canadian retail landscape by anticipating future market trends and making them a reality in today’s marketplace. During that time, PenEquity applied its unique development and management approach to more than 4.2 million square feet of traditional and entertainment based retail development, thus ranking as one of the most significant real estate investment and service organizations in Canada.

Specializing in large-scale destination retail / entertainment centres as well as commercial and residential land development, PenEquity Realty Corporation has become a dynamic yet flexible driving force within the real estate service advisory market with a proven track record for success. By constantly creating new markets or repositioning existing markets to suit the needs of the investors, tenants, and that of the marketplace, the company has constantly achieved significant returns on investment.


Amount:  $25.0 million

Type:  Long Term Loan

Purpose:  Growth Financing

Head Office:  Toronto, Ontario 

Ownership:  Private

Date:  December 2015

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