Project Description

About Rutter

Rutter develops and deploys proprietary hardware and firmware to augment analog and digital radar which dramatically improves: Ice Navigation, Oil Spill Detection, Small Target Surveillance, Wave & Current Monitoring

Rutter’s radar systems include the sigma S6 and WaMoS II product lines. sigma S6 systems use advanced signal processing functionality to remove sea and weather clutter and other signal interference to substantially increase target detection and tracking capabilities as well as to provide high resolution radar imagery. It is ideally suited for demanding applications such as: 

  • Iceberg & Sea ice detection/imaging, tracking, and management
  • Surveillance and search & rescue
  • Port & harbour security and antipiracy 
  • Oil spill detection and management

Rutter’s WaMoS II wave and current monitoring product uses X-band radar to provide information critical to operations at sea such as replenishments and helicopter landings. WaMoS II provides real-time data about significant wave height, peak wave period, peak wave direction, surface current speed and direction information which assists in managing the risks inherent in maritime activities.


Amount:  $40.0 Million

Type:  Senior Secured Term Loan

Purpose:  Acquisition Financing

Head Office:  St. Johns, Newfoundland

Ownership:  Public

Date:  June 2007

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