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What is Crown’s history in this business?2020-01-24T16:04:12-05:00

Crown Capital was established by Crown Life Insurance Company in October 2000, to manage Crown Life’s private equity and debt. Just under two years later, Crown Capital’s management and advisory partners purchased all outstanding shares of Crown Capital from Crown Life. Crown Capital became a public company in July 2015. Crown’s senior management team has extensive experience in providing non-dilutive growth capital to promising mid-market businesses.

What industries do you focus on?2020-01-24T16:02:21-05:00

We focus on industry sectors with favourable economic conditions and robust growth prospects. Our investee firms – diverse both by sector and by geography – are exceptional private and public enterprises that generate cash flow and have strong leadership teams. Our approach is guided by several core principles and philosophies.

How long does the process take?2020-01-24T16:01:45-05:00

The time required to complete our due diligence and underwriting process varies depending on a range of factors. We recommend you contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How do I know which financing solution is right for me?2020-01-24T16:00:50-05:00

Every Crown financing solution is tailored to our client’s need, offering you flexibility. Check out the general parameters here and then contact us.

What is long-term financing?2020-01-24T15:59:44-05:00

Successful business owners and operators are often frustrated in their search for long-term financing that does not involve issuing equity. Our long-term financing products include loans, royalty structures and income streaming with terms of five years or more. Owners can defer repayment of this non-dilutive capital to the point that they consider it to be permanent. For further details on forms and terms, refer here.

What is special situations financing?2020-01-24T15:58:55-05:00

Special situations financing is usually event-driven: recapitalizations, growth financings, acquisitions, and management buy-outs. Typically, these situations involve senior and subordinated debentures, with terms from six months to five years, secured by the client’s business and its assets (subject to prior interests of any existing senior lenders, in the case of subordinated debentures). As with all our products, special situations solutions are structured to limit ownership dilution and allow our client to focus on management and continued growth. For further details on forms and terms, refer here.

How does Crown differ from other lenders / banks?2020-01-24T15:55:36-05:00

We’re a specialty finance company with a unique focus. We provide capital to middle-market companies that are unable to obtain adequate financing, of the type they want, from traditional providers.

We originate, structure and provide tailored financing solutions with minimal or no ownership dilution. Our solutions allow our business owners to retain the vast majority of the economic rewards associated with their business, while providing us with stable and predictable cash flows. Our financing solutions include subordinated term and bridge loans, perpetual debt, income streaming and royalties.

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